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Loving Care When You’re Not There!

Welcome to CCU! Our mission is to help moms and dads of all things’ critters live the best of both worlds. The love of their pets and the love of having a life. Being able to travel as needed whether it be for business or pleasure and knowing that your pets are in great hands and will be treated as our own.


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Critter Care Unlimited, LLC is a locally owned, female run business. We are bonded, insured and background verified.


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Here at Critter Care Unlimited, we practice quality over quantity. You may be asking yourself, what does that mean? Quality over quantity means that we are not about the numbers and trying to quickly turn over the next client. It means we don’t want to be so busy and full of clients that your pet is neglected in the process. We want to ensure your pet is socialized of course, but we want to ensure they also get that human interaction as well, that time to bond and connect. We want to ensure that they are part of the family, and not just a number, and competing with other animals for attention, and playtime. When using CCU, our goal is for your pet to continue their normal routine as much as possible. Our in-home sleepovers are cage free unless that is their normal routine at home. Your pets have free roam of our home and are treated as our own. By providing quality over quantity, it limits the risks of spreading disease. It allows those who are no longer good candidates to be boarded in high stress kennels or situations due to medical conditions or needs to properly be cared for. CCU is unique in that we provide compassion, kindness, personalized care plans, and a collaborative care approach for those who are senior, special needs, on palliative care, hospice or simply just wanting a relaxing home environment.

"I want non-traditional pet parents like me to know that I understand how hard it is for people like us to go out of town, and have someone who is not only trustworthy, and reliable, but that is also educated in the different type of species that we have. Especially exotics… There are a lot of laws that go into owning an exotic animal and it is hard for us exotic parents to not have a fear of someone reporting a bite and our beloved animals being killed. It is very important for us to have continuity of care and I want exotic pet owners to have a guaranteed trust with me, that I will fight to never let that happen".

At CCU we understand the importance of owning an exotic and the risks involved with bites. This is very scary for mom and dad, and we empathize with that more than anyone so much that CCU offers a 100% guarantee that bites will not be reported. Our goal is and always will be the safety of the animal.

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